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Jim Bakker Net Worth: American televangelist, clergyman, and television celebrity Jim Bakker has a $500k net worth. The PTL Club, a Christian television program that Jim Bakker and his former wife Tammy Faye Bakker hosted, is well-known. When they were at the top of their game, Jim and Tammy Faye were giving their ministry $1 million a week in audience donations. The money would be used to further the goals of both the PTL and its theme park.

What is Jim Bakker’s net worth?

The $1 million televangelist “Jim Bakker” from the United States. Jim Bakker, a well-known American televangelist, is reportedly worth around $1 million, according to a number of websites (such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg). Jim Bakker is a well-known televangelist in the television industry who has also been accused of fraud.

His appearances on The PTL Club are another reason why people are familiar with him. He has served as the host for a while. He has dedicated his life to preaching on television.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Raleigh and Furnia Bakker gave birth to Jim Bakker in Muskegon, Michigan, in 1940. He attended North Central University, a private Christian university associated with the Assemblies of God, in Minneapolis as a young adult. He met Tammy Faye LaValley, a fellow student and eventual wife, there. They got married in 1961 and quit school to become itinerant evangelists.

Bakker and his wife began their employment in Portsmouth, Virginia, at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network in 1966. Together, they made a huge contribution to the struggling network’s expansion by hosting the kids’ variety show “Come On Over.” As a result of his success, Bakker was chosen to host the new primetime talk program “The 700 Club.” Bakker and his wife joined up with Paul and Jan Crouch to cofound California’s Trinity Broadcasting Network after quitting the network in 1972. The cooperation was however terminated after eight months due to a disagreement between Bakker and Crouch.

Jim Bakker Personal Life

Bakker had two kids with Tammy Faye: Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles. Following Bakker’s conviction, the pair was divorced in 1992. Bakker wed Lori Beth Graham, a former televangelist, 50 days after they first met in 1998. In 2002, they adopted five kids.

The PTL Club

Bakker and his wife left Trinity Broadcasting Network and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they launched “The PTL Club,” their own Christian talk program, in 1976. The program was broadcast nationwide on Bakker’s PTL Satellite Network, which also carried other religious shows. Bakker constructed the Heritage Village PTL headquarters over the course of ten years. He and his wife carried on growing their ministry while constructing the Fort Mill, South Carolina, Heritage USA theme park. The theme park rose to prominence as one of the best in the country at the time.

PTL Criminal Investigations and Charges

Bakker and PTL suffered a severe setback in 1979 when the FCC started looking into their use of money raised through radio advertising. It was discovered in 1982 that Bakker had gathered about $350,000 that was intended to support international missions but had actually been utilized to support his amusement park. The FCC and later the IRS also discovered that the Bakkers’ personal expenses were being paid for with PTL monies. Bakker attempted to take advantage of the circumstance by claiming he was being unfairly persecuted and making use of the uproar to further his cause.

The revelation that Bakker and former “PTL Club” cohost John Wesley Fletcher had drugged and sexually assaulted church secretary Jessica Hahn and paid her approximately $300,000 in PTL monies as hush money in 1987 sparked an even bigger scandal. Bakker then decided to step down from his position as a minister and appointed Rev. Jerry Falwell as his replacement.

How Long Was Jim Bakker Been Married?

He got married to her after college, when they had a shared dorm. She had previously worked in a shop close to Jim’s former eatery.

On April 1st, 1961, they were married and immediately quit going to school to concentrate on their careers as preachers. If I recall correctly, Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles were their two children.

Jim Bakker Been Married

They made the decision to divorce each other on March 13, 1992, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. He married fellow televangelist Lori Beth Graham in Los Angeles on September 4, 1998, after exchanging vows. Five kids were placed for adoption by the couple in 2002.


Jim Bakker’s decline from Christian prominence to obscurity permanently harmed his wealth. He was once a well-off televangelist icon, but his scandalous behavior and subsequent legal battles emptied his bank account.

Despite maintaining his Christian ministry through “The Jim Bakker Show,” Bakker’s net worth has drastically decreased. His current financial predicament serves as a warning about the potential repercussions of betraying people’s honesty and confidence.

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