Mikala Jones died in accident

Mikala Jones, a surfer from Hawaii famed for capturing breathtaking images and films from inside of enormous, curving waves, passed away following a surfing accident in Indonesia. He was 44.

Jones’ surfboard fin severed his femoral artery early on Sunday morning while he was on a trip to the Mentawai Islands off the western coast of Sumatra, according to his father, dentist Dr. John Jones. A sizable blood vessel in the thigh that carries blood to the lower limbs is called the femoral artery.

He was a humble artist. His father remarked in a phone chat from his Honolulu office on Monday that his son’s photos were amazing.

The Hazards of Surfboard Fins in Surf Photography

Beautiful pictures of Jones lying on his board with waves curving around him from above can be seen on his Instagram page. In some photos, the curved wave opening in front of him allows viewers to see a sunset or sunrise.

Cuts from surfboard fins are common, according to surf photographer Woody Woodworth, who believed Jones took the best overall surf photo he had ever seen. Some surfers feel that keeping their fins sharp will help them ride waves more precisely, but when combined with a wave’s force, a fin may be like an axe or a cleaver, he said.

Surfboard Fins in Surf Photography

With the force of a wave, “all the fins that I see are certainly sharp enough, and pointy enough, that slicing into somebody’s leg would be very easy,” Woodworth added.

Beginning in the 1970s, the elder Jones began to take pictures for surfing magazines, but he mainly photographed from the beach or took pictures of other people in the sea. Not his child.

He explained: “He was interested in shooting images of himself and the wave when he was surfing.

Hawaii’s Surfing Prodigy: Mikala Jones’ Rise from Kailua to National Stardom

Jones, who was raised in Kailua, Hawaii, learned to surf when he was around seven or eight years old and started participating in the “menehune” age division for children under 12 a few years later. As an amateur, he won two national championships.

like the future, he traveled with sponsors to surf locations like Tahiti, Fiji, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. On the waves, photographers would take pictures of him and other surfers, which appeared in photo spreads in surf magazines. They were portrayed in advertising for surf attire and equipment.

Jones started experimenting with first-person photography while out on the ocean in the 1990s. While lying on his stomach and paddling out to the waves, Jones fastened a camera to a cloth fastener on his board and held the camera under his chin. As soon as he stood, he would grab the camera and hold it behind him while taking shots.

How has the surfer’s daughter been coping with the loss

His daughter posted on Instagram on June 9 that the professional surfer passed away at the age of 44 following a surfing accident.

She posted a message on Instagram on July 9 that read, “I don’t know how to put this in words, but my dad got into a bad surfing accident and didn’t make it.” I’m glad he was engaged in what he most enjoyed.

Know Mikala Jones, a surfer

Mikala Jones was a legendary Hawaiian surfer who died on July 9, 2023, at the age of 44. He was known for his breathtaking surfing photographs and has made a lasting impression on the surfing community. He captured the hearts of countless surfing aficionados in Hawaii and elsewhere during the course of a phenomenal career that lasted more than 25 years.

Tragically, in July 2023, the world was jolted by the devastating news of Jones’ untimely demise following a grievous accident. At the time, Mikala and his beloved family were residing at the breathtaking Awera Resort in North Sipora, where their dreams intertwined with the beauty of nature.

On a fateful Sunday morning, July 9, 2023, destiny dealt a cruel blow. Reports indicate that around 9:15 am, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded, inflicting a profound injury upon Mikala. A deep wound, approximately 10 centimeters in length, tore through the delicate fabric of his left groin.

Tragically, all evidence suggests that his femoral artery was severed, most likely by a surfboard fin. The beloved surfing great needed immediate medical attention, so the administration at Awera Resort quickly made contact with the Mentawai Hospital.

Mikala was taken by boat from Tuapejat Pier, the entrance to his beloved water playground, with the help of a caring team. Unfortunately, despite heroic efforts, he was pronounced dead when he got to the hospital.

Wife & Love of Mikala Jones Life

The great surfer has a loving and joyful personal life. Emma Brereton, a stunning woman who tried to avoid the spotlight of the camera, was Mikala Jones’ husband.

Together, they brought up their kids, including Isabella, also known as Bella, who was one of their daughters.

Bella is currently concentrating on her advanced studies in an effort to continue her father’s love of the water. Mikala Jones also created a lasting impression on social media, with a sizable Instagram following.

He shared his incredible surfing experiences with his more than 50,000 followers, motivating and enthralling surfers all around the world.


A horrific surfing accident in Indonesia claimed the life of Mikala Jones, a true legend in the sport of surfing, at the age of 44. Mikala’s skill and talent had a profound effect on the surfing community. He was known for his magnificent surf photos and films that beautifully captured the grandeur of gigantic waves.

Throughout his impressive career, Mikala’s love of both surfing and photography prompted him to experiment with new methods, such as first-person photography, which allowed him to record distinctive and immersive perspectives while riding the waves. He traveled to surf locations all over the world thanks to his passion for his art and his sense of adventure, where he served as an inspiration to other surfers and photographers.

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